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    Enter Competitions

    Once you have logged in to My homesguide, you can enter homesguide competitions. Keep an eye out for when a new competition is available, so you don't miss out!

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    Property / Garage Sales Alerts

    Want to create a Property Alert? Use the Property Alerts tool to receive automatic email notifications about new property listings that match your criteria. Search by Suburb, Property Type, Price and more. You can also create Garage Sale alerts to be notified about any upcoming garage sales in your area!

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    Property List

    Want to create a Property List? Use the Property List tool to save your favorite listings to your own Property List, allowing you to compare your choices quickly and easily. Properties can be added from the property results page or property details page.

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    Want to create a FREE Account? Creating an account with allow you to create Property Alerts, Save a Property List that is stored and accessible on another computer, Advertise a Garage Sale, Create Garage Sale Alerts, Advertise your Trade Service and Enter Competitions on a daily basis.